Because I’m so incredibly creative with my post titles. Or not.

Lily. Y’all probably know her if you’ve been following my blog for very long. She’s our faithful, fat, and rather Hank-esque farm dog.

We recently got a new kitten. One of our others got run over, and we needed one up around the dairy shed. This is Dumplin’.

The kittens don’t like each other, but I don’t think they’ve gotten into an all out fight. Yet.

We’re cow-sitting for a couple of friends right now. That’s Buttercup on the left, and Izzy on the right.

And this, my dear readers, is our newest addition to the dairy herd. When we got her, her name was Annabelle, but we already know and love a human Annabelle. The name had to change. We finally (I think) determined on Nonny. That’s Shakespeare, BTW – Much Ado About Nothing, to be specific. It also has the advantage of doubling as sort of short for Anonymous. Again, because we’re so extremely clever with our names. 😛

Anyway, Nonny’s a pretty cow, small and light. She’s not giving much milk yet, but we expect her production to go up significantly once she gets more settled in here. I know it’s not a very good picture (cows aren’t always very cooperative when it comes to getting their portrait taken.), but if you look closely you can see that she’s having halter issues. She was one of those cows who’d never had a halter, so hers is new. I can’t tell if she didn’t like the halter and managed to get it off her nose, or if it was just too big for her. We like halters though, so she’s going to have to get used to it.