I’ve just been down with a stomach bug for the last 6 days. Ugh. Stomach bugs, imho, ought not be allowed to last longer than a day or two; they’re just too draining! I’ve probably lost 8-10lbs, which puts me at something of a shadow of my former shadowy self. Or something like that. I’m still recovering, and I’m very, very weak, but the point is that I am recovering, praise God!

Thankfully the rest of the family has been able to thus far, and hopefully altogether, avoid this sickness.

I’ve watched some movies (not as many as might be expected of one who spends her days lounging on the couch bed located directly in front of the tv), and I’ve studied (not as much as I ought to have), and I played a lot of Scrabble and Solitaire on my iPod. It’s definitely NOT been the most exciting week ever, and I’m rather upset that I had to get sick THIS week. As some of you may know, Tennessee gets about, oh, 2 weeks of fall-like weather. This week was one of them. Today I woke up and saw frost on the ground. 😦 Also, today is the annual Hard Times USA event in Rocky River. Missionary Ridge played there last year, and our whole family was able to go. It was an extremely neat event; I was greatly looking forward to going this year. This morning I decided it would be best for me to stay close to home. 😦 Yeah, I’m rather disappointed I couldn’t go.

Okay, well now y’all know the reason of the extended silence here. I can’t promise it’ll be back to normal right away, but we shall see.