This past Saturday we celebrated 3 birthdays with family: my own, my brother’s, and my grandmother’s. (BTW, fellow bibliophiles, I got THIS for my birthday!!! Jealous? ;))

My bro. tryin’ on his new duds! You can also sort of see the new floor!

Daddy took Uncle Craig and my cousins on a tour of the farm.

My personal favorite picture from the day’s festivities.

The other day Luke and I accepted an invitation to go swimming with some friends. I was particularly grateful for the opportunity to get away from sewing on the last sleeve binding… Luke was just totally excited (and we were glad he got another day to practice his swimming!)!

Luke and his crazy jumps.

One big piece of news this week: my diplomas from Thomas Edison State College arrived!!! I am now, finally, finished with them. They owe me nothing (my 2 expensive pieces of paper have arrived), and, praise the Lord, I owe them nothing! Yeah, kinda excited about that.