I got to hang out with this guy for a little while last night! We read “Bitty Bear’s Winter Fun” (or something like that) several times.

And this guy:

He was rather full of himself – at least in front of my new camera(!!!):

“Fi-uh Pow-uh!”

The most important things to notice in that picture however, are the lovely little rain drops on the cars and trucks! It rained pretty much all afternoon yesterday, and it really hasn’t stopped!!! Hopefully things will green up some now!

Today’s project?

Destroy the living room! No, really. Carpet’s out. Fire place is out-ish. Things are happ’nin’ here! In typical Bradshaw style, this project was… not planned on by any of us when we got out of bed this morning. Also in typical Bradshaw style, this project keeps growing exponentially. That’s how things go. If you do this, then you might as well do this and this while all the stuff’s out of the room. It’s exciting to see things moving forward! And I should probably go see if I’m needed somewhere…