Do y’all ever have those mornings where you’re kind of trying to be productive and discuss things that probably ought to be done? We do all the time. The problem is the discussions usually wind up turning into some totally random conversation where Kyle provides obscure facts, I stand in for the common knowledge (which very often differs from the actual facts – I wonder where I get my “knowledge.”), Mama agrees with me, and Claire is the comic relief. Today was typical in that respect, but even more odd in the subject matter! I shall attempt to replay the situation without bogging it down in too much detail.

It all started as we were talking about what needed to be taken up to the other house. We have an Ulu knife that we have pretty much never used. We only have the knife, you see, not the board. Mama thinks we would use it a lot if we had the board as well. She thinks the ideal usage would be cilantro, which I thought odd since I can’t imagine cilantro growing in Alaska. Kyle said cilantro was as good as anything else for us since as far as we know the ideal usage might be chopping whale blubber! At that point I said that I thought it was illegal to hunt whales and Mama agreed. Kyle chimes in with his obscure (to this history major anyway. ;)) knowledge that Alaskan natives are allowed to hunt whales, polar bears, and walruses; Mama also agrees with him. And then Claire provides the comic relief with “Besides, it’s like road kill there! They’re probably washing up all the time!” *Rimshot*

So yeah, didn’t really avoid much detail there for y’all, but, if it’s not funny to y’all, at least when we look back at this we’ll probably have a good laugh! 😀

Please do not read this post as having anything whatsoever against whales. Please don’t flood my inbox or comment section with cries of “Save the whales!” No whales, polar bears, or walruses were harmed in the composing of this blog post.