You knew I couldn’t keep pictures of random things away from this blog for very long!

Not sure what these flowers are…

I think I’ve probably mentioned that I am fascinated with getting good pictures of bugs and creatures that fall more or less in that same category (lizards, snakes, insects – creepy-crawly things). I have no idea why, I just am. Anyway, bees seem to be among the easier creatures to photograph.

I love both the Queen Anne’s Lace pictures this time! I’m a little proud of myself. 🙂

Yellow and a tiny white are the prominent colors blooming around here at this time.

In other news, I ordered THIS yesterday. Yeah, I’m jumping the gun a little, seein’ as how I don’t have camera yet, but I’m hoping to get one really soon. Yes, I’m excited! Both about the rather sweet bag (I love bags of all kinds – it’s a weakness, or maybe an addiction…) and the long-hoped-for camera!!!