Heavenly Harmony from YLCF. I’ve shared YLCF posts quite a bit in the past, but, like all the others I’ve shared, this post was really good. It’s long-ish, but, girls, it’s a good one! It’s rather convicting.

The faithless generally rely on feelings rather than fact … therefore, when something seems to go all wrong, or they can’t physically see how it will work out, they believe it must be to no purpose, instead of implicitly trusting in His promises.

I am thinking largely in connection with our futures.  With training for Biblical womanhood all behind us, many a young lady’s contentment is challenged – especially in the years after graduation, when the next step isn’t yet in view.

As one who has been there, I would simply like to encourage you to have faith that God has your future in His hands.  He has a plan for your life (see Jer. 29:11), and is even at this time preparing, shaping, and refining you for the next step.

See? And it just KEEPS going that good! It’s well worth reading; I’ve read it 3 or 4 times just since it was posted yesterday!