One of the recent top searches that leads to my blog has been “what will stop the itching caused from tennessee chiggers?” This post is for whomever has been desperately seeking information. What you find here is from my personal experiences with Tennessee chiggers.

So, you want to know what will stop the terrible itching that drives you insane night and day? Well, my poor, itchy bit of chigger-food, … NOTHING!!! Muhahahahahah!

Ahem. Right.

Time, my friend. Time will heal the wound…

No, really. That’s the only thing I’ve found that consistently works. It may take what seems like forever, but it’s really not. Believe me, I’ve tried everything. Okay, almost everything. I haven’t tried those expensive, tiny tubes of stuff that’s called “Chigger-Away” or “Chigger-o” or something. I have too many serious doubts about their ultimate effectiveness to spend money on them. Also, anyone who has gotten into Tennessee chiggers, as you no doubt know by now, has more of an infestation, break-outs that look like a bad recurrence of chicken pox with itching that’s many times worse, hundreds and thousands of bites/burrows (depending on what you believe)! Those people know that the tiny tubes of lamely-named “Chigger-ease” aren’t going to go very far. Yes, I pity you, but there really isn’t a whole lot I’ve found that works.

Apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil have helped the itching temporarily – as in, maybe 5 minutes. Extremely hot showers and baths helped me through my worst chigger experience. Time, however, is always your best bet. Grin and bear it! Or don’t grin, but you’re gonna have to bear it.

I’ve heard guineas are good at eating ticks as well as chiggers, BUT that’s assuming you can keep them alive. The chances of that happening successfully are pretty slim for anybody.

How was that for being totally unhelpful?