Progress is always exciting, and when you can see it on the farm… well, that’s really exciting! I tried to capture some of that in pictures, but you really have to be here to experience it.

If you know what this is, rejoice with us! Hopefully we’ll still be rejoicing once it’s installed.

Last week Luke learned to use the weed-whacker/eater/trimmer/whatever! Yes, I’m thrilled. As part of his learning process, he conquered the side of the hill leading up to the other house. Needless to say, the hill looks a LOT better, however, Luke’s not quite as enthusiastic about doing it as he was when he started. 😛

Work on the catch area in the lower pasture has continued, and it is either very nearly done, or actually completed now! It sure looks good.

Kenzy and Avourneen continue to thrive, though the grass in their pen is failing a bit. Kyle ran some electric fence in a different area in the pasture and moved them over there. Kenzy’s girth has been looking relatively normal-sized lately; she’ll be looking bloated again before too long. Avourneen looks as tall and healthy as usual. Poor Kenzy.

I considered posting more Queen Anne’s Lace pictures here tonight, but I restrained myself. Just FYI. I haven’t been out much lately; it’s been very hot and muggy. Sunday’s humidity must’ve been somewhere around 200%. I’m not sure how you can have that without it raining, but it managed. I visited the swimming hole yesterday for the first time in a while, and boy! did it ever feel good!

Apart from my brief visit to the swimming hole the other day, I have been keeping myself more or less busy reading educational theological books which I may or may not post about sometime in the future. I’m trying to wrap my mind around some sewing designs Mama and I are working on as well. Between those two things, cooking, cleaning, and social networking, I’ve been staying occupied. I ordered a resin jewelry making kit the other day, so I’m looking forward to trying that out as well. Some of that stuff is really neat. I won’t disclose more on that for a while though; it might not work like I hope. 😉

To close, I just want to mention a quick blurb about college stuff: I got word this evening that someone else had gotten news (I said she said he said… yeah, I know…) that TESC has started sending letters of confirmation. I haven’t received mine yet. It did only start 4 days ago, but still… So, I thought if I posted that concern here, I might get my letter in the mail tomorrow. … It’s happened before. 🙂