Hello again, faithful followers and friendly folks who happen by my spot in the blogging world!

Many of my faithful followers may remember that I attempt to blog something once a week (side effect of my OCD…). You will note that it’s been over a week since my last post. So, what’s been going on in my life in this past week that’s kept me so entirely away from my blog??? Yeah, I’m not completely sure either.

Life goes on. College has, Lord willing, ended, but my life continues –  much more enjoyably, I might add. I have essentially spent the past 18 months or so away from myself. I mean, I became so immersed in whatever I was studying that I wasn’t really me. Now that I’m not having to study anything, I’m enjoying slipping back into my old self again, though I’m hoping and praying I’m making some improvements in my character. That’s part of what I’ve been doing lately.

I’ve enjoyed a bunch of light reading recently too! Thanks to THIS website, I was able to read some books that we don’t yet have in our personal library. I read the P.G. Wodehouse books they have on there as well as The Innocence of Father Brown (LOVED it – despite the occasional digs at Calvinists and Presbyterians.) and The Man Who Knew Too Much (I also enjoyed this one, though not as much as Father Brown. I suppose it was appropriate, but the ending was very abrupt and rather sad.), both by G.K. Chesterton.

Right now I’m in the middle of a not-so-light book called Children of the Promise, by Robert R. Booth. It’s making a case for paedobaptism. It’s brought up a couple of questions in my mind, not so much about infant baptism as about side issues. Whoever wants to is working through this book at church, so it’ll be interesting to hear the discussion this coming Lord’s Day.

I’ve been sewing some lately! Definitely enjoying having time and inclination for that again! I worked on THIS for a couple days last week, so that was a fun – though very hot –  project. I’ve got another couple ideas up my sleeve that I’m hoping to work on this week, but we’ll have to see how things go.

Yesterday Mama took me to Franklin! Perhaps y’all don’t get to the point where you just long to go somewhere away from home, but I do. And I don’t consider Centerville to be really away from home. 😛 Our first stop was, naturally, Starbucks where we each got a delicious coconut mocha frappuccino! Oh, my goodness! That was SO good! Then we headed over to Joann’s where I was able to use my 15% student discount (gonna milk these last couple of months for all they’re worth!), and we did a bit of research into sewing machines. I’m hoping to get one for myself before too long. Thankfully there was a very helpful lady there who recommended the Husqvarna over the Singer brand, and specifically the Husqvarna Emerald 183 (a lot like the Janome I use now) and Sapphire 835. I’ve got some further research to do before I commit for sure, but I’m hoping to buy something possibly before the end of the month. I looked a sergers a little bit, and, while I think I’d use a serger a lot and I’d LOVE to have one, I think I need to get a regular sewing machine first.

After Joann’s we walked over to the Half-Price Bookstore. Love that place! Except they rarely have the authors I’m looking for now… They have an entire section for “Paranormal Romance.” 😯 I don’t know about y’all, but I think that’s just creepily weird. Also, the mystery section has been completely taken over by “Thrillers.” I wanted more Father Brown books, and as many P. G. Wodehouse as they had in stock. Chesterton has no place on their shelves, and Wodehouse had all of 2 books, one of which we already have. Oh, well.

Then we went to Chuy’s for lunch. We split the “Special Nachos” appetizer, and we still had almost half of it left! Except for the guacamole; there wasn’t nearly enough guacamole. While we ate, we schemed and planned and designed, and then headed to Goodwill after leaving our to-go box on the table. 😛 I’ll only give a peek into our machinations: we bought a LOT of denim at Goodwill. While there I had time to look through all the CDs, and I found 3 Enya CDs and an Enrique Iglesias CD and a Little Big Town CD case (Thankfully I checked the cds for scratches before we checked out, and discovered that Little Big Town’s CD was missing.). Not being a huge fan of Enya, and having never heard anything Enrique Iglesias had done, I would have never bought their stuff at full price, but for a buck a piece, I figured it was worth a shot. I now have an even more diverse musical selection on my iPod! Sorry, Daniel, I didn’t see any Bruno Mars. 😐

BTW, Franklin was wonderful to experience on the Fourth! There was very little traffic, and a bunch of stuff was on sale!

Now, I better be going. I either have to read more Children of the Promise – which I probably should, or begin working on our little scheme… There are some other bits of news, but perhaps, if you comment on Claire’s blog, she’ll tell you about them; I don’t really feel like that’s my area at this point.