I had this post all ready to go several days ago, but then our internet decided to go out for the day. 😦 Funny how crippling it is when that happens. I mean, I remember “back when” we didn’t use the internet for every. little. thing. that happened to come up. You know, that’s what cookbooks and dictionaries and encyclopedias (etc, etc.) are for. Still, I continually found myself wanting to look this up or find that or see what so and so has to say about whatnot.

Anyway, that’s not at all where I intended to go with this post, but hey, that’s what randomness is about, I suppose. 🙂

Daisies are very obliging flowers. I can usually get a good picture of at least one of them when I go out, even with our pathetic camera!

I don’t know about y’all, but it doesn’t take too much to overwhelm me. When I went out with the camera the other day and got these pictures, this sycamore tree struck me as totally amazing. I can’t really explain it. It just caused me to think about how wonderful and big and marvelous my God is. Even with ticks crawling all up my legs, I just stood there, looking up along the sycamore’s tree trunk, contemplating God’s greatness. Something about this sycamore was very awe-inspiring that day. 🙂

I got a couple pictures of Queen Anne’s Lace that I actually liked!

Now if only there had been a dragonfly or damselfly sitting there… Oh well, nothing to do but keep waiting and watching, I suppose. 🙂

Okay, I won’t torture y’all with anymore flower pictures today. Sorry about all of them lately, but I thought that might be better than picture-less, boring, college posts. Besides, with the weather being warm and inviting now (unless it’s oppressively humid – which it hasn’t been lately), I can hardly keep from going outside, and the camera gives me something to do while I ramble aimlessly among the hills.

I guess I could take picture of what I cook, but all the best food looks ugly and the good-lookin’ food comes out rather nasty. Anyone else have that problem? For example, I fixed a dish Friday that was rather tasty, if I do say so myself, but It was incredibly ugly! I’d twice-battered a cut up chicken, browned it, and then threw it in the oven to cook. Then I threw together a gravy/sauce thing because I was afraid the chicken would be dry. Garlic was the central flavor, I reckon; it’s generally highlighted in all my meals, along with butter or cream. 😛 Anyway, once we were ready to eat, I served the chicken on a platter and poured the gravy on top.

And another meal I prepared recently: good ol’ white (Great Northern) beans and cornbread. It’s one of my all-time favorite meals. It’s cheap, easy, and just a good, stick-to-your-ribs Southern staple. We pour a ladle-full of beans over a slice (or slab, depending on the person. ;)) of cornbread that has a faint flavor of bacon that’s just heavenly. At this point each person varies a bit. I personally have it down to an art. I get my slice of cornbread and cut it up. Then I put a couple slabs of butter on, and pour on the beans, with just enough juice to make the cornbread soaked, but not completely soggy. Add more butter, then put on a generous amount of sweet pickle relish. Enjoy with a large glass of sweet tea. Oh! It’s SO good!!!

Each of those dishes, however tasty, were not very beautiful. Oh, they had beautiful flavors, and for me, that generally all that matters. Let’s just say they wouldn’t have been very photogenic. Perhaps something is wrong with my presentation, but I really don’t know any other way to serve beans and cornbread. I probably could have done better with the chicken, I will admit. I love making pretty dishes, but I love more to make dishes that are delectable. Sometimes the most delectable dishes aren’t always the most beautiful to the eye.

Ah, I’m back. Can you tell? I go from totally stressed-out college student to sliding comfortably back into my foodie self. 🙂

Can I go philosophical here for a moment? It’s often been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. I suppose that makes the cooks and dishwashers the folks who keep the heart pumping. Why wouldn’t everyone want to learn how to cook? If it’s true that the kitchen it the heart and those in the kitchen keep it pumping, I would imagine that heads of households would desire to at least be competent and comfortable in the kitchen, but I’m not, nor will I ever be (as far as I can tell), the head of a household, so what do I know.

And finally, I’ve said it before, and actually re-posted it a while back, but it’s come to my mind again quite a bit lately, so I thought I’d share a link to it (rather than totally re-posting it again). HERE is my little question to the world. So far I have received zero answers.

I’ll end with just a very, very brief college update: things are still, surprisingly, going as planned! All’s set for me to graduate on September 9! Yeah, I’m kinda excited. 😀