So, today’s been just a bit frustrating for me, but I’m quickly getting over it. Anyway, just as things were beginning to look a little brighter, Brisket (the Jersey bull…), was spotted in our front yard. Now, we’re like any newly established agrarian folk. We’ll take a free lawn-mowing any day, but… not from that guy. He’s not to be trusted! Kyle and Luke were able to quickly, and therefore I assume easily, get him back into a fence. However, we’re not entirely sure where he got out yet. I walked the perimeter fence of the HUGE pastures he was in, but I still found nothing for sure. I was able to establish the fact that it’s muggy out there, that the ticks are still thriving (I, being my usual lucky self on days such as today, found a nest. Oh, goody!), and that the large bright white daisies have been replaced by black-eyed-susans.

Here are some of the pictures I got while walking the fence.

I don’t know for sure why I kept this one unless it’s because it reminds me of a picture that you might find on a card. The camera wasn’t acclimated to the mugginess at this point…

Someday I’m going to get a really good picture of Queen Anne’s Lace. “My wants are few…”

Anyone know what this one is? I don’t, but I thought it looked like one of those flowers that herbalists would go out and gather… harvest?

My absolute favorite picture from the walk. 🙂

This vista caught my eye, but it doesn’t come across as well in the picture.

Now, for any who like to, which picture is your favorite? I’m just curious. I pointed out mine: #9. 😀