I praise God for y’all. Y’all are amazing. I started testing a bit less than 18 months ago; my first ones were on January 18, 2010. My last, and by far scariest – though not necessarily hardest, was on May 31, 2011. After much begging, which may or may not have helped hurry things along, I received word, not too long after my previous post, that my Hawaiian mentor had received the final, sent the grade, and that it would shortly be posted to the website.

I got busy doing other things for a little while, but a few minutes ago, I checked back at my evaluation. My course was no longer labeled as “IP,” or “in progress”! Instead it said “CR,” which shows up in the spot where a grade would normally be posted. So, unless I’m missing something major, I’ve passed my course!!!!!!! Also, it would appear that FlashTracks are pass/fail, and that I will graduate without GPA, or with whatever GPA they award to pass/fail tests, which doesn’t appear to be any. Not exactly sure how that works…

Anyway, I’m thrilled! I wish I could somehow tangibly thank all of y’all for your support throughout the past year and a half, but I can’t really do that. THANK Y’ALL SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!!! (oh, and keep it up! I don’t consider myself “safe” until I know for sure that my degrees are on their way, and I might not then. I might just have to hold them before I believe it. ;))