And I’m lovin’ it! 😀 Believe it or not, until Monday evening, I’d never really swam (I think that’s supposed to be swum, but that sounds … well, stupid, so I refuse.) in a creek before! I convinced Claire, Kyle, and Luke to go with me this afternoon, and a little while later Jacob and Daniel joined us … er, met us back out there (long story…). It was loads of fun, and Claire got some pretty neat mid-air pictures!

We were into flipping. Remember that for later. 😉

Doin’ the “Olivia”! 😉

Luke skipped rocks, splashed water, and generally had fun in the shallow water.

Remember what I told you earlier…

… Yeah? Well, Kyle couldn’t flip, no matter how much he tried…

… even when he had LOTS of free advice. We’re going to continue to work on him though. 😉