Luke and I went for a walk yesterday afternoon, and I grabbed some pictures along the way.

I love taking pictures of flowers!

That’d be Julia; I couldn’t get a good picture of her the other day.

I wish I knew what this plant is! It’s started blooming this past week or so, and has a very strong, but nice, fragrance.

So… I really like taking pictures of bugs. Is that weird?

Kenzy and Avourneen. Avourneen’s bellowing, but she’s not worried enough to get up out of the shade! 🙂

I recently noticed that this tree, and the one across from it, are post oaks. For some reason, I’ve always really liked post oaks, despite the fact that they’re all usually rather gnarly, which makes them less than ideal for loggers. I find them interesting though. They can cross-pollinate naturally with white oaks; that makes the leaves look like a totally different kind of oak. Sometimes their so crossed that the leaves look almost more like white oaks than post oaks! How do I know this? My forestry teachers loved to find the most odd and deformed leaves for the class to identify. Really, it was fun and challenging; I loved it! 🙂

That red and yellow thing in the hay barn is a baler! Daddy and Kyle found and bought a baler from Craigslist; they picked it up earlier this week.

When I walked the fence row in the lower pasture a few days after the flood, I wasn’t able to see this far front corner – it was still under water. Amazingly, from what I could tell from the road, the fence seems to have sustained very little damage there! We’ve got a little clean up and tightening to do, and I won’t be surprised if we have to replace a strand or two, but that looks a lot better that I was afraid it was going to be!

I think all the chert that washed from Lowe Branch landed here! 😯

Luke with has basket of flowers. He didn’t really want to go for a walk (“it was too hot.” and then “it was going to rain.” to which my response was “a little rain never hurt anybody.” – said in a nice British accent, of course.). However he was almost eager to come when I mentioned to him that he could collect red clover for Mama. He got some other flowers as we went along, and we arranged them into a sort of bouquet in a jar when we got back to the house.

The honeysuckle bloomed this week too! Apparently we’ve got a lot of it. Last Saturday the air smelled like honeysuckle if you went outside at all! It was a bit past it’s prime yesterday.

It started raining right as we turned to go back home, but I really wanted to get a picture of these roses. The rain just adds some interest. Hopefully the other pictures aren’t too blurry; I was snapping them really fast ’cause the rain was getting harder pretty fast.

Okay, I’ve got to get to my books! I started this last night, so if there are tense inconsistencies, I’ll blame it on that. 😉