So, ’bout time for another picture post, no? … Yeah, yeah, I know I don’t do good picture posts, but sometimes pictures have a story, and that’s what makes ’em good enough to post. If you don’t “s’plain” the story, then the pictures aren’t worth posting! I can give you pictures with the story, or all story and no picture; take your pick. 😉

Okay… not much story on this one; it’s just really green around here lately. I love it!

Pretty self-explanatory… or so you’d think. Looks like I’m studying, doesn’t it? 😉

Yesterday, some of us from the church went to the farm of a family who a couple of the ladies from church know (wow, did that make sense?). Anyway, they do greenhouse plants, or something like that, and the plants were getting too big. So, they were giving them away. Claire and I went and got 12 tomato plants (all kinds! Cherry, black, purple, Roma, pink, yellow! We love our tomatoes!) and a few herbs. We’re really just experimenting. Since we weren’t going to have a garden at all this year, we didn’t want to put a whole lot of work into anything we got. Daddy and Luke had 6 holes dug directly into the ground (basically just post holes) and added some manure. Daddy then put in a couple of t-posts (I still cannot believe we didn’t move our tomato cages!!! Especially the new ones!!!) and put a cattle panel up. Then we put 6 of the tomato plants in the prepared holes. This morning, Kyle and Luke put some creek rock in the bottom of 6 5-gallon buckets, added enough dirt to get them half-way full, then manure to the 2/3 mark (or so). At that point the remaining tomato plants went in, and Kyle added more dirt, on top of which we added lots of straw. We’re definitely doing heavy mulching this year! It’ll probably be even more necessary since we essentially did nothing to prepare the ground. It’s a neat experiment. If it works, wonderful, we’ll have tomatoes! If not, no big loss – of time or money. 🙂

Kyle’s been working on the calf pen for a while. This past Saturday, while he, Claire, and Mama were at one of Missionary Ridge’s gigs, Daddy, Luke, and I (with some help from Mr. White at one point) finished it up for Kyle! The calves have lots of room and great shade. It’s really a wonderful set-up!

Kenzy. It’s her first day with a halter on! We got it for her this morning. My girl is growing up! 😉 Poor Kenzy! She’s been separated from her real mom, and yesterday she was separated from her surrogate mom, Macushla! She’s actually not doing too bad. As is to be expected, she, Avourneen (Macushla’s calf), and Macushla have been hollerin’ pretty much non-stop since yesterday, but they’ll be fine before too long.

Le taureau, Brisket. His name has a story behind it (nothing too exciting though), but I think I’ve posted it before. We’ll be eating Chubby, while Brisket fathered many of our Angus calves (we’re hoping he’ll do as well for his own breed!). Weird, I know, but true. He’s actually a friendly bull, but I still don’t like him. He grew horns, and I don’t like bulls with horns – especially Jersey bulls with horns because they’re notoriously unpredictable and mean, compared to bulls of other breeds. 😦

Susie. I’ve been expecting her to calve for a month or two now! Claire and Kyle we’re hoping for this evening. Guess we’ll find out tomorrow if they’re wishes were granted.

Boss Clarabelle (only Brisket is higher than her in the pecking order), and Cinnamon. Cinnamon’s our prettiest Jersey; she is looking really good! We’re looking forward to when she calves… if she’s ever bred! She’s a tall cow (er, heifer), and Brisket hasn’t seemed too interested in cows taller than himself. 😛

The ever faithful and fat Lily. No story here either; I just thought it was a rather flattering picture of our dog (and believe me, it’s hard to get a flattering picture of her!).

Claire and Kyle introduced Macushla to her purpose this week! Yep, they’ve started milking! We had the first fruits of their labors with pound cake this evening, and it was really good! No smell, no off taste, just nice cold milk! Emma, Daniel, and I went with them this evening for a training session. Since Claire and Kyle are gone so often with gigs and whatnot, they’re training some farm hands to do their work when they’re away. 😉

A couple Saturdays ago, Daddy, Luke, and I fenced out the majority of the creek running through one side of our lower pasture. (Yeah, Claire, Kyle, and Mama were again at another MR gig.) We’re going to be running more fence and gates off the corner post in the far right of the picture to the post in the far left, I think. Somewhere in the middle of that stretch, we’re going to branch off to go parallel to the road. In the end, it’ll look sort of like some kind of “L,” I think. Anyway, it’s going to be a catch area that we can work the cows into from the lower pasture so we can funnel them across the street to the other pastures. Kind of hard to picture at this point, especially if you don’t know the area, but we’ve made some progress, and that’s really good! 🙂

That’s all the “good” pictures I’ve got to post right now. I might get some more soon; I remembered a few shots that I wanted to get, but forgot about when I had the camera.