Well, I was thinking about not posting about this, but I’m just so excited about it. 😀

First of all, my course is totally self-directed, which is seriously awesome, considering I was rather worried about having to stick to the schedule of the teacher/professor/mentor/whatever he is. Right now, it really looks like I won’t have to ever speak to the man, over the phone, via chat, or – thank goodness – via video chat (I majorly hate that capability right now; I’ll probably change my position on that later though.).

Next, in order to properly understand my excitement, y’all should know that the course is arranged into 6 modules. Each module has reading assignments. The course uses 8 books; thankfully none of them are too terribly long. After finishing the module’s readings, there are several study questions – 2 or 3 for each module, I think. I don’t know if they’re actually intended to be answered with essays, but because I need work in that area (I mean, c’mon! I’ve been doing multiple choice tests for almost  a year and a half now! I’ve hardly written anything beyond this blog and my journal!) I’m writing the answers in essay form. Boy, it ain’t easy or fun either! Just sayin’.

All that to say that, yesterday, I finished module 3!!! Yeah, seriously excited about being (now) over half-way done with my course work! It’s  been almost 2 weeks since I started, I think, though the course wasn’t actually supposed to begin until May 1. According to the course calendar, I should only be about half-way through with Module 1! I’m SO glad I don’t have to follow that exactly; I would be majorly bored, to say the least!

Module 3 was entirely about the Civil War; writing those essays were NOT easy. I’m trying to determine my professor/mentor-guy’s world view as I read through the books he has assigned to this course. That’s easy enough to do when writing about the American Revolution; the prof’s definitely an American sympathizer and expects that from his students. The Civil War, on the other hand… He’s a Northern sympathizer, that’s a fairly safe assumption. You’re probably not going to get too many history prof’s who aren’t, but anyway. He asks questions like “Tell how you would have acted when you heard of the attack on Fort Sumter.” I don’t know how I’m supposed to “write to the teacher” on that one – especially if I don’t necessarily agree with his views, you know? So now I’m just hoping there aren’t such subjective questions on the final. I won’t be surprised if there are some though. 😐

Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m over half-way done with my course!!! It’s really exciting! I’m hoping to cut the course time in at least half, spending 6 weeks instead of 12. It’s been 2 now. That’s good; I’ll spend probably 3 weeks on the next 3 modules (WWI & II and then those terrible, more modern wars Vietnam, Korea, and Iraq, maybe more). The last week or two I’ll do a bunch of review, paying particular attention to the information specifically about the final that was included in the course info. Hopefully – and I’d really appreciate prayers to this end –  I’ll be prepared enough to perform exceptionally well on the final. If I manage to pull that off, I’ll graduate in December 2011 with a 4.0 GPA*! Which, I think, would be really cool. 8)

Now, seems like I had something that wasn’t college-related I thought I’d share… … Oh yeah! Coble’s internet situation is seriously lame, and HughesNet is ridiculous, but it seems to be the best option right now. Anyway, our allotted download allowance thing gets reset around 9:50 am now, as opposed to what it was until recently: 1:00 am or something like that. The 9:50 thing means that, if we have enough download allowance left, we can use Pandora in the mornings!!! I love that site. I’ve got it on custom Quick Mix now, and have excluded all my country stations. I can hear that stuff on the radio without using any of our internet. I’m particularly enjoying my accapella station today! I love the different sounds those groups are able to create just using their voices; it’s awesome! 😀

Well, I should probably get back to my books; WWI today. Trench warfare is mighty depressing to study. 😦

*Graduation and GPA contingent upon TESC’s accepting of all my work up to this point.