The combined forces of TESC’s employees, the official website, and my FlashTrack course information almost overwhelmed me with confusion. I’m still convinced hardly anyone knows what they’re saying there, so I’m just going to ride it out and see where I land in a little while.

I’ve had some confusion over payments to TESC (had to pay 2 application fees since I had to apply again after getting the under-21 waiver; that seems to have been where the trouble began.), so I finally gave in a called them Of course I had to go through a bunch of hoops to get where they could deal with me; it went something like this: Help Desk (my help desk doesn’t work…) –> Advising (I guess that’s what department he was in…) –> *weird on hold music* –> Financial aid (Wha…? I’m payin’ everything upfront, but whatever…) –> *more weird on hold music* –> and finally Bursar’s office where they at least dealt with me, whether they knew what they were doing or not. I decided to pretend like I thought they knew what they were talking about and paid the out-standing $75 for… something… or perhaps it was for nothing. I sure didn’t understand what she told me it was for. Sounded to me like they owed me $75, but anyway. I guess that was the easiest way to deal with collegiate financial confusion. Whether it was the right way is something else altogether.

You know what else I found out today? I found this out while still with Advising. I have it from 2 sources now, so hopefully it’s actually true! FlashTrack courses don’t have a midterm, only a final! That’s kind of awesome, in my opinion. Only one big, bad test to study for! Surely I can do that. 8)

However, I’m supposed to have my proctor request form filled out and submitted by the time my term starts… this Sunday… And my normal proctor is home sick… I got her email address though, and she kindly agreed to proctor for me, had me fax the form to the office, and now I’m sitting here (currently avoiding an awful essay) waiting for it to be faxed back to me.

As bad as writing an essay on the Mexican War was, writing an essay on Thoreau’s philosophy is worse. What’s the absolute worst of all though is having to write an essay attacking or defending the Mexican War using Thoreau’s philosophy and tying in how far that philosophy can be applied today. Talk about headache-inducing! “Sure! Let’s combine imperialistic conquests with Transcendentalism and sprinkle in some modern world application theory! It’ll be awesome!” That’s what I’ve got to work on though. 😐 Woo.

Methinks the professor has a warped sense of humor (unless he runs across this blog, in which case, I think he’s great! – Yes, I have learned to cater to the test, or, in this instance, the teacher.).

Whew! I’m ’bout college-ed out myself; I can’t imagine how my faithful readers are handling this post! So, to relieve y’all, here are a few very short anecdotes from my life today (sorry, gotta stay in keeping with the theme – learned today):

I had a delicious mocha latte, really good bacon, and half a fudge pop tart for breakfast. I used to not particularly care for chocolate/fudge pop tarts, but that half was really good. Going off sugar will do that to you…

Sorry, I can’t come up with anything else interesting that has happened today! Yesterday on the other hand…! THAT was quite a day, particularly the morning. I don’t think this is the right time to reveal that story though (Buzz followers already know anyway). So, au revoir! 8)