Not much this year (so far), and thankfully no damage to property that I know of (‘cept the usual washed-out chert).

The day dawned… well, I don’t really know how the day dawned. I didn’t get up ’til 7:30 or so, but hey, I didn’t go to be ’til midnight either. So, at 7:30 this morning, all was vibrantly green (all the more so after last night’s major storms) outside our window. We kids are upstairs, you see, and I usually notice the trees more than the ground when I’m at tree-level. However, once I made it downstairs, it didn’t take me long to notice that all was not normal. I noticed new creeks running, rushing through our lower pasture and thought “Hmmm… bet you anything those cows are on the other side, and we’ll have a terrible time getting them across.” A closer examination of the pasture confirmed my suspicion; the cows were up next to the woods – near the creek (that’s supposed to be there), of all places. Kyle and Daddy were just beginning to discuss the problem, so I grabbed a quick breakfast and sat in on the conversation. Not a lot of hope, but great friends. We checked it out, quickly determined that it wasn’t then possible, and decided to help move Jacob’s cows first. … And that’s pretty much as far as we’ve gotten… The cows are still in the lower pasture, but the waters didn’t get so high as to carry off our cows. Praise God! Anyhow, here’s a couple of pictures; they don’t really show the scope of the problem though.

Just beyond that line of trees there is the real creek (yeah, all that water in the foreground… it’s not supposed to be there.). Those cows got themselves into a potentially very precarious situation.

Claire and Kyle walked/waded through the water to the other side to see if the cows could possibly be convinced to do the same. It was deep, almost to Claire’s waist in some places, so we figured the cows wouldn’t be crossed. Oh, the water had, at this point, gone down some. That’s been a huge blessing today. We’ve had rain, quite a bit of rain, but there have been some times throughout the day where there was no rain and, we were very glad to find out, the waters receded fairly quickly. That probably saved our cows and calves lives!

And because I know y’all are just dying to know whether this little episode affected my studying at all, I’ll give y’all a quick update. 😉 Yes, it did affect it; I didn’t get around to reading my survey text (From Lexington to Baghdad and Beyond) until lunchtime-ish. I was able to finish my reading for Module 1 though, and I’m writing this blog post now mainly to avoid my 3 study questions. [Insert whiny tone] They’re essay questions…! [End whiny tone] Definitely not my favorite kind of question. I’ve always loved multiple choice…

That’s where we are right now. I just finished a mocha latte. Power has not even flickered today. Everything seems to be operating under normal conditions, but just in case, I think Daddy and Kyle got the generator to where we can actually use it now.