Spring’s very definitely here now, and here in TN we’re beginning to remember the heat and humidity of Summer. This time of year always has me remembering past vacations, extraordinarily fun activities, and all the friends we’ve met up with, seen, made, etc. along the way. This year I’m especially remembering last year’s California trip, weekends in Illinois, jaunts down to Georgia, and a week-long vacation spent near Charleston, South Carolina. I also remember long-ago trips up to the Gatlinburg area. I can’t figure out which trip I’d rather do again this year. I think I’m leaning towards Charleston; I would, I believe, enjoy it even more now than I did 7 or so years ago. Not that it really matters, of course; vacation is out of the question this year. Nevertheless, here are a few pictures that I enjoyed looking back through and playing with; they’re in no particular order (and I couldn’t easily find any Charleston pictures :():

I am anticipating, instead of travelling and vacationing, sitting on a new front porch in the sunset. Perhaps we’ll even have some friends drop by occasionally and spend our evenings planning, dreaming, and sipping sweet tea, lemonade, or frappes. Or maybe we’ll just sit there, enjoying each others company, in comfortable silence. Whatever we end up doing, I, for one, will enjoy and treasure it just as much as all our other vacations. I’m determined to. 😀

Now, because I’ve given y’all such a reprieve from college posts, I’ve decided it’s about time to give a quick update, and yes, I’ll try to be quick. My Thomas Edison FlashTrack course arrived Saturday evening. Daddy helped me install it (Windows 7 wasn’t particularly friendly to the supposedly very user-friendly interface.), and I figured out how to use it. The course is designed to last 12 weeks, but I don’t think it has to. I just have to schedule the exams 2 weeks ahead of time – inconvenient, but better than I was originally thinking. I even thought for a little while that there might not be a midterm, but I noticed this morning that there is – after module 3.  I might ought to go on and schedule that actually… hmmm… Not quite yet, I think. Anyway, this morning I started the rather extensive reading that it has for me. I’m currently in the middle of Common Sense, by Thomas Paine (found online HERE.), and one chapter into The Birth of the Republic, by Edmund Morgan. Once I finish those, I’ve got a couple of chapters to read in the survey text, From Lexington to Baghdad and Beyond, by Snow and Drew. So, lots of reading, but I’m determined to get it done asap! That said, I’ve got to get back to it. 🙂