Far, far too often I find myself getting stuck in ruts of habitual complaining, whether mental, vocal, or non-verbal. This morning Jessica posted a link to an amazing, and incredibly sad, story on Buzz. It’s one of those stories that reminds me how extremely good my life it, how easy, blessed, and smooth it’s been. There are hard times, yes, but I have such a wonderful life. I tend to take it for granted; these kinds of stories help me remember not to. Please read their story and pray for this poor family. My heart breaks for them, yet their testimony is… wow, so wonderful! I don’t yet know how strong a mother’s love is, but I pray, were I ever to be in such a situation, I would make the same choices.

If you have time, and are interested, here is an interview with Clint Council. His faith, honesty, and just the story in general is so amazing.

Now that we’ve got fencers here for lunch, I’ve got to go try to cheer up! This story, while encouraging me to be thankful and not take life for granted, is very sad.