I didn’t get out Saturday to take pictures, but I got some this afternoon. It was really a great day for pictures, lighting-wise, I thought, and even our pitiful camera got a few good ones – relatively speaking, of course. 🙂

How ’bout that bridge! Kyle says its incredibly sturdy!

Two 4-leaf clovers and one 5-leaf clover within 5″ of each other. I wonder what that says about our soil…



*Sigh* We live in such a beautiful place!

Of all the trees I’ve seen on our property, this is one of my favorites. 🙂

You can kind of see some of this year’s calves. I call ’em the half-breeds. 😉

The light and dark contrast was just begging to be photographed today!

Heh, I think I like road pictures. 😛

I am amazingly thankful to be where we are! It’s so gloriously beautiful here, and we’re surrounded by the best people in the entire world! (We just need a few of the folks who are also in that  best-people-in-the-world category to move here as well!)