Soon, perhaps, Lord willing, there will be something else on this blog!

Lots of utter nonsense and complete randomness, in no way (visible to most of y’all, anyway) related to college, begins now:

– I had 2 Snickerdoodles last night. Oh. My. Goodness. After being completely off processed sugar for over a month, those things were incredible!

– I pulled out my box of summer clothes this morning. Been loving the weather lately – even the storms yesterday.

– Ross. I love Ross. It’s kind of like Goodwill, only the stuff is new and clean! Big plus there. I’ve been trying to figure out how to organize my earrings, and I picked up a silverware holder-thing for $4 the other day. So far, it’s working very well, despite not being the most gorgeous, Victorian-inspired piece of whatnot in our room now. 😛

– I like string cheese. I can’t help it. One unforeseen side effect of going cold turkey off sugar is that I’m almost constantly hungry; I’ve been eating string cheese a lot to try to satiate my rumbling stomach. (Doesn’t really work.)

– Like to laugh?

– I don’t think Toby Keith’s new song, “Somewhere Else,” is actually country, but I kinda like it. I find that I can quickly ‘adapt’ to new sounds, and learn to like it (unless I’ve decided to firmly stand against it forever. Like rap.). To me, country is epitomized in Merle Haggard, Keith Whitley, and George Jones, but I’ve always liked the old stuff.

– I should really get some new pictures of … around the farm and post them. Things are at the breath-takingly beautiful stage (in other words, allergies are beginning.). Maybe I’ll do that Saturday.

– Girls, THIS article is a good reminder.

Well, college stuff is beginning to crowd any other thoughts I might could put here, so I reckon this is as good a place as any to end.