Wow. What a day! I have a lot of studying to do for the World Conflicts test, but I spent all day finishing my remaining 11 FEMAs!!! Do you know what that means?!

I ONLY HAVE 9 CREDITS LEFT!!!!!!!!! The 3 credit test coming up this Friday, and the 6 credit course!

I know I keep blogging, talking, living, breathing, eating, etc. college stuff, but I’m so close! I’d really appreciate prayers that 1) I pass the upcoming test (I am so thankful for all the prayers I’ve already gotten about that!), 2) that the course would be enjoyable – if it’s enjoyable, I can handle relatively difficult, and 3) that things continue to go as smoothly as they seem to be right now! Soon, perhaps, Lord willing, there will be something else on this blog!