And I probably shouldn’t be. 😛 I’m absolutely thrilled!!! I finished my 100th credit this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! … now if only I could celebrate with sugar…!

Pardon my over-enthusiasm. Y’all do know what this means though, right? I ONLY HAVE 20 CREDITS TO GO UNTIL I’M *DONE*!!! Assuming they accept everything I’ve done so far. 20 credits? That is SO doable!!! Of course, 9 of those 20 are going to be hard… The upcoming test, World Conflicts, is 3 of those; then there’s the 6-credit course from Thomas Edison. I read about that course on IC yesterday, and those folks really enjoyed it. Hopefully it’ll be better than I am dreading (things usually are, but if dreading it helps me pass, then I’m not going to stop just yet!). The other 11 credits are FEMAs, something of a headache after doing a bunch at one time, but an amazing way to get free elective credit – if it actually works like I think it should! I’ve already done 3 FEMAs today… I wonder how many more I can get done before I totally use up our internet?