What have I been up to lately? … What am I always up to? Studying. 😐 I’ve reached a point in the current book I’m reading where it’s all about International Politics (both real and theoretical), and I’m having a seriously difficult time staying awake long enough to finish reading even a couple of pages! Along these college-related lines, I applied at Thomas Edison State College Saturday evening! This morning I got an email informing me that I’d have to submit a letter telling them why I think they should let me in. (You see, TESC is geared towards adult students, so this is just part of their policy. Anyone under 21 has to do it.) So, I reckon I’ll be composing that letter, and scanning my all of my unofficial transcripts, tomorrow. Still! It’s exciting!!! I applied! I’ve also been doing a few more FEMAs the last couple of days; I think I’ve done a total of 9 now! Only 15 more to go. 😛 Okay, last college-related thing I’m going to post: I would really, really appreciate y’alls prayers that I would pass the next test. It’s scheduled for April 15th, and that date is fast approaching. I can fairly easily reschedule (I think), but I think y’all probably know by now that that’s not likely to happen. I want to get this done so bad!!!

Now, to totally switch subjects (hey! I heard that sigh of relief!), today is Kyle’s birthday! He’s 16… I can remember (you know, back in the day) when Claire, Kyle, and I never thought we’d make it to the double digits. Now that we’re here, big whoop. The double digits are WAY over-rated. Anyway, to celebrate, we went to an early dinner at Red Robin. It was delicious, by the way. This evening we’re planning on watching “RED,” which even I think looks/sounds like it has some potential; that’s saying a lot ’cause if I’ve been in the mood to watch anything lately it’s been fluff (ranging anywhere from chick-flick to Loony Tunes or Tom and Jerry – only the old versions, of course).

Well, since I said I wouldn’t post any m0re about college stuff, and since that’s ’bout all I’ve been doing, I guess that means I’m done. (Told ya it was gonna be boring.)