You know that activity I alluded to the other day (going to be in town anyway)? Well, it was an ice skating outing with friends from church! Yep, after 20 years, I finally stepped out onto the ice, and, much to my surprise, did quite well… if I don’t say so myself. I went to my knees once (and I have what I think is a legitimate excuse for that, if you want one), but that was all the falling I did! I had a great time, and I’d love to keep going back semi-frequently to learn how to do some of the cool stuff that ice skating allows.

Anyway, complements of Kaliste and Olivia, here are a few pictures of us on the ice!

It was my first time ice skating ever, so I think I have something of an excuse for looking rather clumsy.

Well, I still look a little clumsy, even from this distance, but of all the pictures I’ve seen of myself while skating, I like this one best. 😉

The day was filled with much laughter; it was good.

Despite what this seems to indicate, Kyle also had a good time. He proposed a race with me; I won. 😀

And finally there’s Luke. He was amazing out there! Claire, Kyle, and I attributed our almost-immediate relative comfort on the ice to substantial past rollerblading experience. Luke didn’t have that experience, but he was still great. Yes, he fell down some, but he got up and continued to zip around the rink!


That’s all I’m going to post for now. It was loads of fun, and thank you, Lovetts, for organizing it for us! Can’t wait ’til next time!