… from last week. We only got 7 pictures total, and they were all from the front porch on Saturday (I think), so not much diversity here.

*Sigh* Little John, I miss you!!! (and everyone else too, of course 😉 ) It was such a blessing having an abundance of cute little ones running around our place for a week!

What John is so intensely focused on in the above picture was probably this sight right here (seeing as how this was the very next picture in the sequence of 7). Once again, we were extremely blessed to have strong guys down to help us with some chores around the farm; here they’re working on building a bridge. BTW, fellas, all four … bridge beams(???) are now in place!

We were very sorry to see everyone leave, and are dearly looking forward to future visits, which, hopefully, will be soon. We had so much fun with everybody!