Yup. He’s my bro.

“Honestly. I have NO idea how that just happened, but it was pretty awesome, no?”

“I’m starving, exhausted, and extremely dirty and you STILL want my picture?! You are having WAY too much fun with that thing.”

Short story behind the pictures: Yesterday, a bunch of us headed over to the Lingo’s to have us a timber frame raising (it was really interesting, and lots of fun, so y’all might want to watch for some more pictures at a future time.)! Olivia let me use her camera for a little while as she was fetching water (I know, I played while she worked… oops.). In the short time I used it, I managed to take… what? Something like 200 pictures! I’ve never taken so many pictures at one time in all my life! Then again, I’ve never had a camera in my hands like that one! It’s kind of amazing. So, if any of y’all are looking to get me something… perhaps as a graduation/Christmas gift (assuming I’m actually able to finish by then)…<insert best princess-y tone I can muster> I’d really love a camera like Olivia’s (I think it’s a Nikon D3100). 🙂 </princess>

BTW, we were thoroughly blessed this past week with lots of guests. Claire wrote briefly about that on her blog. If we got any good pictures (with our significantly lamer camera), I’ll post them when I get a chance. We had a wonderful and extremely productive week. It was awesome!

Well, that’s all for now. Guess it’s back to the breakup of my sanity (aka, breakup of Yugoslavia) for me.