YAY! Another pass! Praise God, and thanks for all y’alls prayers! I passed with a 68!

The test took me about 30 minutes, and was more confusingly worded than the last couple of tests I’ve taken. I wasn’t nearly as confident that I’d passed when I hit the “End Test” button this time, so I was extremely relieved to see my score! 🙂 To study I used InstantCert, SparkNotes, attachments from the IC forum, Google, and Wikipedia. I’ve been studying for about a week. I’m so glad it’s over now; it’s been and extremely depressing study. War must do strange things to man, turns them into animals. Not only the soldiers though, but also the civilians who don’t support the war. Causes them to do such terribly things. Oddly enough, studying for this test almost made me want to tour the underground tunnels and facilities that the North Vietnamese built to lessen the impact of Operation Rolling Thunder.

The test had a lot of scenario questions. Like, which of the following two statements best describes Prince Sihanouk’s position in regards to the Vietnam War? Ugh, I hate those kinds of questions! There were also lots of name questions:

  • Who was the leader of the Vietminh forces during the first Indochina War? (Giap)
  • Who pardoned the draft dodgers? (Carter)
  • Who was the famous athlete who was jailed for refusing to be inducted for the war? (Muhammad Ali)
  • Spiro Agnew showed up once or twice
  • Rusk was on a couple (but I’m hoping he wasn’t the answer ever! 😛 )
  • Who replaced McNamara as Secretary of Defense? (Clifford)
  • Averell Harriman was on a couple… I hope.

Next up: Western Europe since 1945.