I’m looking at doing 5 history DSSTs in semi-rapid succession beginning with The Civil War and Reconstruction, and most likely ending with Contemporary Western Europe Since 1945. If there are any spare moments where I find myself waiting for a study guide to arrive or whatnot, I’ll probably be doing 24-ish FEMAs to satisfy the remaining Free Elective credits.

Once I’m done with all that, I’ll only have 12 remaining, upper level area of study credits to obtain somehow. I am currently considering taking 3 Ohio University Course-Credit-by-Examination … exams. They are upper level, but only translate to roughly 2.6 credits when transferred to TESC (at least, as far as I can tell) because Ohio University is on quarters… or something like that.

That will leave me with a final 6-ish credit course to take, probably from TESC since I got a recommendation. Please, former college students, read the following through my eyes and experiences, not your own! What kind of terrifies me about the course is the mid-term and final; both are 2 hours long, and both have 5 essay questions! Among other questions, of course. Apparently I’m too much of a perfectionist when it comes to my writing; I like my school papers to be drafted, redrafted, set aside for a day or so, re-redrafted, and eventually turned in as a fairly well-polished paper. So this whole idea of whipping out 5 essays in less than 2 hours is practically foreign to me! I mean, I managed to squeeze out an extremely poorly written essay in slightly less than 45 minutes for the English Comp CLEP, but I won’t have 45 minutes/essay during the course exams.

I don’t know; I suppose I’ll get by somehow. The unknown has me just a bit nervous though, and the confusion about it all isn’t helping. I mean, what if I haven’t figured everything out correctly? What if all the work I’m about to do is for nothing? I think I’ve worked things out okay so far, but I’ve also worked with people and organizations enough to know that it doesn’t necessarily matter if you think you’re right, or if you’re right by the books even. What matters is what they say at that moment when I actually enroll. I guess I’ll just have to have some faith and wait to see what happens. Stick around, folks, this promises to be another interesting year. (Well, if you don’t mind reading about tests, courses, and college work.)