Praise the Lord! I passed this test today with a 476/500!!! I love it when I get respectable scores. 🙂

I studied for this test for 5 days, although I’m not at all sure I should count Tuesday since I was down for all but a few minutes early on, using primarily InstantCert and Wikipedia. I spent almost all of yesterday supplementing my IC-Wiki study with The Complete Idiots Guide to World Religions. I also attempted to use a series of world religion lectures, but they were close to 40 megabytes each, so I was only able to download a couple at a time. So, I only listened 4 or 5 lectures out of the 25-30-ish. However, I did learn through that how to say Bhagavad gita, or at least how that professor said it. 😛 Oh, I also downloaded Snazzlefrag’s study guide (which can be found HERE) and another document from the forum.

As for the test, I went in extremely nervous because of everything that has been going on this week; I didn’t think I was focusing in my studies as well as I normally do.  That said, I was surprised by how easy it was! There were 10/94 questions I had almost no clue on, and marked to review (though, as usual, I didn’t change my answers). It seemed to me that there were a lot of questions on Judaism (Israeli Jews mostly secular, largest Jewish denomination, The Jewish State, Festival of Lights – Hannakuh, Torah, Kabbalah). However, there weren’t necessarily any more questions on that than any of the others; I don’t really remember. Hinduism (Holi, no founder), Taoism (meaning of complete freedom or something like that, P’U – the uncarved block concept), Buddhism (Mencius – humans inherently good, Jen – relationships concept), Christianity (reformers, Eastern Orthodox vs. Roman Catholic, Anabaptists), Islam (Muslim Brotherhood, Anwar Sadat, Sufis, Shiites-believed Ali appointed caliph by Muhammad), Sikhism (scripture – some unpronounceable 3 or 4-word thing, beginning), Zoroastrianism (dualistic in reference to 3 major monotheistic religions – Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, Ahura Mazda main god), Theosophy (similar to Hinduism), and that’s ’bout all I can remember right now. It took me about 25 minutes to complete this test, and I am happy! 😀

After the test, we met Daddy for lunch at Costco. Note to self: never, ever buy a berry smoothie from Costco again! After that we stopped very briefly (seriously! Kyle would have been proud of us!) at Joann’s, grabbed a couple petite scones and a peppermint mocha latte at Starbuck’s, went to Hobby Lobby (I stayed in the car; headache coming on at that point.), and finally hit Target to grocery shop (big, huge, enormous list; took forever to do.). When we finally made it home, I had a fever, groceries, headache, and another three credits. What a day; I’m exhausted. No rest for the weary though; I now need to figure out what test I’m taking next.

Thanks everyone for your prayers!!!