It is always crazy around the Thanksgiving and Christmas (and those are quickly followed by Claire’s birthday) holidays. It was made perhaps even more crazy by having only recently moved. So life has been full. We have done repairs, completions, and started down the path of decorating. I have no pictures to share at this time, but I can attempt to use the thousand words that pictures are worth.

The sewing room! What a project that was! I shared pictures in a recent post and told about the drywall, paint, and floor work. We have lately been busy arranging and rearranging it to try to figure out how we might want things most of the time. We’ve got it pretty good now, I think. We’ve got a picture and mirror hung, and the other day, Daddy fixed out leaning tower of Pisa “wardrobe.” It was seriously about to fall over. 😐 I think we’re even going to get a 48″x48″ cutting table in there fairly soon!!! SOOOO exciting, since the only place we really have to cut things out right now is in the floor, and sometimes – not infrequently – we don’t have that. Anyway, so far I’ve made only one item in the sewing room, though I have attempted to begin a couple more only to be thwarted by 1) not having enough fabric and 2) not having all the hardware needed. Those things can be remedied easily (though the fabric thing probably won’t be – too expensive.), so I’ll be able to start at least one of those projects pretty soon. Random sewing-related fact: I am in love with corduroy skirts!!!

Daddy and Kyle have done minor to major repairs both here and at the other house pretty much constantly, but, with this 110 year old house anyway, I guess that’s to be expected. The biggest news of the week though is most definitely the easy installation of the garbage disposal!!!! I love those things, and I love love love that this one wasn’t much trouble to put in. That made Daddy happy, so we’re all happy. 😀

Mice have invaded. We’re counterattacking with everything we can though, and I think they’ve gotten better. On Christmas Eve, there was a mouse that kept peeking out from under the tree skirt. Claire named it Aloysius in honor of one of the main characters in this movie. It never came out Christmas morning however, and I haven’t seen it since. I’m hoping it went somewhere outside to die (yeah, I know, not likely.).

Church has been wonderful. Just over a week ago we had a new little one born, and he was baptized this past Sunday. Baptisms are an even greater blessing to witness now than they once were. I think I didn’t fully recognize, or I took it for granted, the significance of that sacrament until I had to be the one who, instead of helping the child with her communion, had to pass it over  her. That experience cut like a knife, and still does, so I feel the blessing of baptism ever more poignantly now.

We have news on the internet front! We are getting Hughes-Net. Whether that is good or bad news is yet to be seen. The air card is working, but it is frustrating when more than one person wants to be online at the same time.

On the college side of things, it’s pretty much come to a stand still, but will be picking up again shortly, I hope. I am planning on beginning afresh after the new year. I’m currently planning on my next test being the Introduction to World Religions DSST. I hope I don’t have to study too much, and that I’ll be able to focus on Hinduism and Buddhism while only glancing at Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. We’ll see though.

Let’s see… any more news… Not really. Christmas was wonderful. It was the first white Christmas I remember! Throughout the day and weekend we were blessed with safety and peace.

Well, I need to go put my new set of flannel sheets on my bed now. “When I have more news, I’ll write!”