I try to dabble around with Etsy at least a little while 6 days a week. I’ve come across some pretty interesting things, some very weird things, and some extremely odd things. I’m having fun exploring, and I thought I’d share a few of today’s finds with y’all:

This one made me laugh when I realized what the quote was from. I haven’t read that play in years, yet this quote stood out to me so much that I can remember how I pictured the scene as I read it! Comment if you’ve read the play from which this quote was taken!

While we’re on plays and that sort of thing…  I thought these we’re just a bit over the top.

Moving on to something different, I love this dress! For some reason I’ve been liking th cowl neckline this year. I even found instructions for how to draft a cowl neck HERE, and I’m thinking about trying it (double drape) on a black knit dress I have in mind for my next sewing project.

Nifty, I thought.

Weird. Just weird. Where would one keep something like that with a price tag like that ($25,500!!!)???


Maybe I’m just weird or nerdy or geeky (I don’t think I’m technologically smart enough to be geeky.), but there are some entertaining Macbook/Apple vinyl decals on Etsy. Here are some of my favorites:

(I love it when, in my opinion, ridiculous art is made fun of!)

Okay, enough geekery.

When I found the instructions for drafting a cowl neck, I was trying to find how to do this sort of top… with long sleeves.

And I am out of time!