Hello, all! Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers on my behalf! After over 2 months since my last test, I passed the Introduction to Computing DSST early this afternoon, in about 25-30 minutes, with a 454. 400’s passing.

I wasn’t feeling 100% today. Studying with painfully slow internet until 12:15am probably did nothing to make that any better though. I used nothing but InstantCert to study for this test. … Okay, that’s not entirely true; there was the Free-CLEP-Prep.com page for this test (from which I went all over the internet), and tons of Googling and Wikipedia-skimming. However, the InstantCert flashcards were my primary study sources. With those, anyone can pass this test. I’m sure I could have gotten a higher score had I studied for the 2 weeks I like to spend studying for tests, but the end of next week isn’t exactly a good time to be prepared to take a test. 😛 So, I decided to give it a shot today. Praise God I passed! I think I am completely done with my math/science general education credit requirements now!!!

The test has, of course, oddly worded questions and choices. I find that that’s typical of DSSTs. Know some history of computers (including a teeny tiny bit about the abacus), nanoseconds, spreadsheets and how they work (terminology), file extensions and what the differences are, databases, utility programs, protocols, and a bit of other stuff that I can’t remember right now.

Next test: Introductory Sociology. Fun. Fun. (But at least it’s not biology.) I’m hoping to be ready to take the test in 2-3 weeks. Not sure how much studying I’ll get in next week.

Again, y’all, thank you so much for your prayers for me! It’s really encouraging to know that someone (besides myself) has prayed for me; it’s especially encouraging when I run across those questions I have no idea about. Not only are y’alls prayers and faith in me encouraging, but they are also motivating. Keeps me striving to one-up myself; am I crazy for competing with myself??? Probably. Oh, well. Anyway, thanks a bunch and keep it up, y’all!