’cause I really don’t have anything better right now.

First off, I really, really love my life. I’m tempted to say that each day is better than the day before. Sometimes I’m just blown away with the utter unlikeliness of our situation, and how blessed we are to be here. It’s truly amazing. (Yes, it’s great, despite the pitiful excuse for internet that we currently have.)

I’m studying for the Introduction to Computing DSST. It’s one of the more difficult tests I’ve had to study for so far, but only because I’ve never studied this stuff before. Ever. Somewhat surprisingly (for me, anyway), I’m doing worst on the history and social impact parts of the material.

Along those lines, I’m returning this blog to its previous use: prayer request board. It looks like I’ll be attempting this test tomorrow sometime. I haven’t scheduled it yet, but I’m going to in the morning. You see, I was hoping to take it Friday, but tomorrow would really be much more convenient. So, here go I, being crazy and taking a test before I think I’m actually ready again. I would, more than y’all can know, appreciate y’alls prayers for my confidence and success. Studying hasn’t gone as well as I would like, but I’ve read that all you really need is common sense and previous computer and internet usage to pass this one. I seriously hope that’s true.

Okay, just one last thing. Stuffing is for Northerners. It’s made with bread cubes, and seasoned with … rosemary, I think. It also often has raisins, I believe. We Southerners eat our turkey with dressing. Dressing is made with the turkey drippings and/or broth (and is, therefore, not put inside the bird), cornbread, and the usual seasonings. It does NOT have fruit in it; that would be very wrong. So, please, know which one you’re talking about, and use the correct term.

*Ahem*… Sorry. Major Thanksgiving-time pet-peeve of mine. 😐

Okay! I’ll post again after the test; ’til then…