Though we’re not yet.

I’ve chickened out of the Biology CLEP, and decided to take the two, apparently much easier, tests: Intro to Computing DSST and Intro to Sociology CLEP. As one of the IC-ers said on the forum when I posed the question about which test to take: If I fail one or both of these tests, I’ll always have biology as a back up. However, I’m already much more confident about passing these two tests than I was about the biology. (Good thing we only spent about $10 on the study materials for biology!)

Another huge plus to these couple of tests is that I can use free study materials (well, we’d have been paying for IC anyway.). I am given to understand that IC is enough to give a pass for the sociology test, and that anyone with common sense and any sort of computer knowledge can pass the computing test. Now, I’ll probably study a bit more than that, because I generally over-prepare (and that’s okay), but I still like the sound of that more than “If you study your tail off for a couple of months, and memorize everything in a college text-book, you might be able to pull of a pass for the biology test.”

However, we’re moving. Things are being taken to the garage. The first truck will be loaded… hopefully tonight! Tomorrow may be my very last day in this house, and will almost certainly be my last day with this glorious internet. 😛 Busy, exhausting, and exciting times these! So, I reckon study will resume … sometime? Who knows when. It will resume though, Lord willing, and the two aforementioned tests are the next ones I’ll be working on.