In case y’all don’t know, the past couple of days we’ve been in Norris, TN, for the Museum of Appalachia Fall Homecoming. Missionary Ridge was booked for Friday and Saturday. We’ll be leaving sometime tomorrow morning. Here are a few pictures from our trip thus far:

Yesterday, second of four performances.


This one and the next one get the best-folding-chair-names awards.


Otis and Pauline. Made me laugh (which was rather difficult at that point since we were sitting/standing in the sun all. day. watching our favorite band…).


Missionary Ridge’s last performance for Friday was at the Dance Wagon.


There was a guy there doing sheep herding demonstrations. That dog was good.


This is Butch Ross, dulcimer-player extraordinaire. I’ve never seen a dulcimer played like that, and I’ve never heard a dulcimer sound like that. It was amazing.


The intimate stage set-up was on stage 3 at the cantilevered barn.


Okay, members of Heritage, study this picture well. These folks had ice cream all day, every day. These churns must be huge. And fast.


The guy in the overalls was my favorite random person to watch. He was known at the various stages as “Long Legs” or “Bearded Feller.” I don’t know what his real name is.


Missionary Ridge’s last performance for today.

And now… the moment you have all been waiting for… my newest… KEY CHAIN!!!


(HA! This posts doesn’t have anything about testing or moving!)