Well, I believe we’re pretty much in that somewhat awkward stage of packing where not much else can be packed until we can land it somewhere. That’s a very good thing. The laundry room is pretty much packed, excluding the cleaners that we’ll need that last day or two of course. Claire’s started packing the kitchen, spices and stuff. She did the music room one day late last week, as well as our “bulk pantry.” Herbs are packed (it was a bigger job than it sounds…). Most of the linens are somewhere around pictures or vases. The downstairs bathrooms are so packed that one doesn’t even have soap! School room’s packed except for the stuff that’s still being used, and Mama’s thinking about packing that stuff after trying to get one more full week of school in after this week, I think. My desk is emptier than I’ve seen it since I got it. My hope chests are empty. Whoever moves them will be thankful, since they were mostly full of books. However, the person who moves the boxes I put my hope chest stuff in might not be quite so thankful. My book bags/totes are packed except for 1 or 2 that I may be using next week when we got to Norris, TN for the Museum of Appalachia Homecoming where Tom Brantley and Friends (or Missionary Ridge) are playing on Friday and Saturday.

I packed one of my sewing boxes, and all of my sewing patterns. 😯 All my books are packed except my Bible, a couple journals, and the biology stuff I’m studying. Cookbooks, except for the few that we use often, are packed. Holiday stuff has been moved to a closet downstairs, and is relatively organized. Luke’s packed a good many of his toys (we need to work on his spelling, but at this point it’s kinda cute.).

So, there’s definitely stuff going on over here. Closing is today at 4:30pm!!! The buyers are doing another walk-through sometime today. … Oops… left out my Biltmore Stick… and that probably could have fit in one of the boxes I packed yesterday. Oh, well. Anyway, we would appreciate prayers that the buyers don’t find anything amiss (one of the folks coming today hasn’t ever seen it.), and that closing is able to go along wonderfully right through to the end.

Maybe I’ll have pictures to post soon, but don’t count on it. We’re kind of busy. 🙂