• Cleaned off top of desk. Can now work with some amount of peace.
  • Assisted Kyle repair neighbor’s fence after said neighbor retrieved her long-horn cattle.
  • Went through closet. Now have to figure out what to do with major piles of unwanted clothing.
  • Discovered we are out of chicken, except for one whole chicken.
  • Decided it was too late to fix whole chicken, and pulled out rather large package of pork chops. Sad that we’re not able to have chicken and rice soup for dinner.
  • Attempted to figure out what pork chop dish to prepare for dinner.
  • Eventually decided on grilled chops. Not sure what else to go with them. 😕
  • Listened to “Drift Away.” Still can’t help thinking it says “Give me the BEACH boys” instead of “beat, boys”
  • Realized that my quick mix Pandora channel is made up of 60’s-80’s rock, country, and too much Irish.

Still to be accomplished:

  • Dinner
  • Do something with these piles of clothes!
  • Somehow destroy a DVD (Got any suggestions??? No, really.)
  • Get a good nights’ sleep to hopefully get rid of this post-test headache…
  • Begin studying for next test? (Yes, I fully admit I’m currently obsessed, but really! We’re going to be moving, and I want to get as much done as possible before life is turned upside down and inside out!)