Scored a 68! I couldn’t believe I scored that well; I was pretty much sure I’d failed.

Lots of semi-educated guess-work on this one. However, there were also several analyzing and interpreting sections (go figure! I LOVED it!), and bits about various literary movements. “Beat generation”, “Lost Generation”, Grapes of  Wrath, The Souls of Black Folk, and Feminine Mystique, etc. I haven’t entirely forgotten what I learned from studying for American Literature. There were a good many questions on movements. There were a TON of questions on civil rights, but again, I expected that. The Depression was focused on for a bit, as was WWI, WWII, and the Vietnam war. Korean War and Spanish-American War got about 1 question each, I think. Environmental concerns focused on for a question or two. I don’t remember any questions about much after 1980.

I used primarily InstantCert, REA, Wikipedia, and various videos and lectures to study for this one (oh, the same goes for US I in the previous post.). InstantCert helped the most. It was a good bit harder than US I, but I still had about 40 minutes left. I sure am glad this one’s done!

Next up: Social Sciences and History.