’cause I’m not.

How do I put this? How can I shape the words to be delicate, elegant, and poignant? We’ve all waited for it for so long. It’s been the subject of many prayers and several fasts. We have cried over it, laughed in it, worked around it, and generally spent the last 6 or so years of our life with it. We built it, loved it, and managed it. It has served us very well, but it is time to move on.

We’re moving. I say this with sadness, joy, excitement, dread, awe, and trepidation. I’ve moved before. I can handle this, and this time around we have the most awesome friends ever who will, I know, help whenever possible. Can you believe that possibly before the end of the year we will be living near the friends at last?! It is amazing.

I wish I could remember the exact quote from Pride and Prejudice when Elizabeth knows she’s happy more than she feels it. That’s how I feel right now. I know I’m delighted by this contract on our house, but I don’t really feel it yet.

Perhaps I will when closing actually happens. Or maybe it won’t be until we’re settled somewhere. Or it could come upon me suddenly tonight and not allow me to get any sleep as I lie there trembling with excitement!

Obviously, if I have such mixed emotions about this move, we could really use your prayers. It’s not going to be easy moving away from the home we built with generations in mind, but we’re moving somewhere where that vision can reach even fuller potential. We need to always keep that in front of us; it must always be the goal! We’re moving not for my parents or even for my generation, but for my children and grandchildren. We are, in a sense, pioneers, conquering the first generations of difficulty so that our great-great-grandchildren will benefit in ways we can not possibly see! We are preparing for them a heritage.

Okay, how does this change things? Oh, only in every way imaginable! Not really. I’m hoping to take the US History I (and possibly II) CLEP before the end of next week. Don’t know if that’ll actually happen, but I think, for my parents’ sanity, it had better happen. I’ve got a few things to sew; things we’ve already cut out or planned on having before 2012 (hopefully that’s an exaggeration…). Tomorrow I’m helping Kyle finish a fencing project we’ve been working on for a while now. After that we’re going through closets, kitchen, attic, sewing room, etc. and hopefully getting rid of a ton of stuff! Then, I suppose, the packing begins. We’re a little hesitant to do anything really major until after closing, which is in approximately 45 days. Until then, and even after, things could fall through. I pray that they don’t though. As I said, we’ve waited for this for so long!

With that, I’ll sign off. My bed is calling me. 🙂