I really shouldn’t be surprised by any unplanned event anymore, but I am.

This evening I was sewing while listening to a set of lectures on the history of Europe. Everything was going as fine as could be expected, considering I was working with a rayon-velour-like fabric (not exactly easy to work with…). Everything, that is, until the English Revolution, I mean, the sewing machine needle went through the middle finger on my left hand.

Yep. Ouch. Oh, and the needle broke. and bent. and stayed in my finger. I nearly passed out, but not really from pain. I don’t know what from really; there was a heat wave (maybe that’s what hot flashes feel like?), loss of most of hearing and vision. I wasn’t too disturbed; unfortunately I’ve been there before. It got a little unsettling when nausea got involved for a bit. I’m fine now though, obviously.

After having the needle (and thread, I might add) removed, I was placed on Mama and Daddy’s bed with my left middle finger brined in hydrgen peroxide. That was as they attempted to reassemble the broken needle. I still don’t know whether everything is out of my finger…

Well anyway, that kind of put a halt on my sewing, and, I’m afraid, my studying. Right now I’m sitting with a whole bunch of triple antibiotic on my finger typing this post up on my iPod (since I think using a keyboard would be difficult at the moment). With this post I’m begging yet another measure of prayer as I’m still really hoping to take the test tomorrow morning. Right now I’m not in too much pain, but I’m afraid it will hurt much worse tomorrow.