Oh, boy! If y’all didn’t make it this year, you sure missed one awesome event! I pity y’all. Therefore, I’ll post a few pictures of it. Unfortunately our camera decided to take about… 2 good pictures from the whole day. Bad lighting or something.

Sound check, around 11:45 am. From left to right: Larry Mathis, Tom Brantley, Jesse Stockman (fiddler for Dailey and Vincent), and Jeff Parker (mandolin player, baritone/bass/tenor singer, and ham for Dailey and Vincent).

First show, Tom Brantley and Friends! Again, left to right: Richard Starkey, Cindy Miller, Tom Brantley, Jackie Miller, and Larry Mathis.

And the moment you have all been waiting for! Missionary Ridge!!! The sound was a bit messed up for the first show, but they did great both shows! L-R: Kyle, Claire, Connie Brantley, Tom Brantley, Tyler Anderson, Timmy Nixon.

The amazing-ness that is Dailey and Vincent! L-R: Jesse Stockman, Jeff Parker, Jamie Dailey, Darrin Vincent, Christian Davis, Joe Dean! Christian Davis is the new bass vocalist for them. He comes from the Southern Gospel tradition, and was rather different that the others, but he added the much-needed deep bass vocal on their Statler Brothers songs. Joe Dean is engaged to be married now, and to the same girl he brought to the event last year! That’s all the fun facts about Dailey and Vincent I know. 🙂

Acapella quartet singing! You can hear some amazing acapella quartet singing by Jamie, Darrin, and various others from other bands on the new CD “Dailey and Vincent: Singing from the Heart” I got it the other night and we listened to it on the way to church. I love it!

Hanging out in the nice, cool, well-air-conditioned room between shows. L-R: Taylor (last name???), Chris Brown, Wesley (last name???), Tim Goss, Jake Goss, and Claire. Whatcha think of that show get-up she’s got on?! I love it! 😀

Backstage picture.

“Ain’t she great, folks? Miss Claire Bradshaw!!!”

Kind of a cool picture of Dailey and Vincent. Needs to be cropped though; oh, well.

“Uh, oh! Oh, no… Vic’s coming out!” – Jamie Dailey… … … “Gimme yur tie.” – Vic Graves “… Oh-kay… this is weird.” – Jamie Dailey … … “I’m gonna sell yur tie.” – Vic Graves. [Mama snaps this picture of Jamie Dailey cracking up!] 😀

It got kinda keyed up, but it was SO hilarious! In the end, the highest bidder got the 6 Dailey and Vincent ties (autographed, of course), and Vic Graves’ tie (probably already autographed…). I felt sorry for Christian Davis, the Southern Gospel guy. I was afraid he’d be too disoriented without his tie to sing. I mean, you know how those Southern Gospel people are. 😉

My fears were put at ease when he was still able to sing.

Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent sing their signature song “By the Mark” to finish the night!

It was an AMAZING night, and one that won’t be forgotten quickly! We got videos of both sets that Missionary Ridge did, but they haven’t been taken off the camera yet, and even if they had been, I’m still not sure how to put them up here. If we figure it out soon-ish, I’ll try to remember to post them.