Life. It’s full, you know, but I’m enjoying it!

Yesterday we canned 9 pints of diced tomatoes; we had 2 jars break in, or on the way to, the canner. Hopefully, as the season progresses (if the season progresses! Our garden’s SO slow this year!), we’ll get faster and better at canning the tomatoes. Squash and cucumbers have slowed almost to a halt. With the squash, that’s fine, but I was hoping to do at least one batch of cucumber relish this year. We weren’t able to do any last year, and we only have 2 or 3 pints of it left! I love that stuff with my beans and cornbread! Peppers are still doing well, I think. The plants aren’t as bushy as I’ve kn0wn them  to be in previous years, but they’re producing pretty well, and that’s what matters. I’m hoping they continue to produce pretty well for another few weeks. We haven’t done any pepper jelly yet, and we wanted to do at least one batch of that this year. The only thing that’s really holding us up there is the lack of a blender…

Apparently our blender decided never to forgive us for daily cramming frozen fruit into it. We’re only waiting for a little while before we get a Vitamix! I’m so excited! Smoothies everyday! To be honest, I’d rather be drinking a smoothie for breakfast right now than eating this left-over brownie. (Y’all may now speculate whether or not I’ve gone completely off my rocker.)

Okay, that gets all the garden/kitchen-y related news caught up. Now for the sewing stuff! I had an unusual situation happen (that completely ruined the zipper I’d just put in) with the dress I was making the other day, but it happened in time to email Daddy and ask him to pick up another zipper for me! It’s just great that he works so close to Joann’s now, and even more great that he’s willing to go pick things up for us! Well, I finished the dress that night, but I don’t have any picture of it yet.

Yesterday, after canning I decided to make a bag. You other seamstresses may laugh at me, but I’ve never before sewn a bag by a pattern. I used THIS pattern, view A. I used a blue toile, and it turned out very cute! Well, actually I’m not sure cute’s the right word for it, but it did turn out nice. 😛 The pattern called for some sort of trim for the button loop, but we didn’t have what it called for. Since this was completely unplanned (I hadn’t really intended to sew anything else until after my next test!), I had to use whatever we had on hand for everything. So, for the loop, I used a piece of small, cotton (?) craft rope that we had in our trim boxes, for the buckle I used the buckle from Kyle’s last broken belt (I’ll probably change that to something… less bulky if I ever get a different buckle.), and the button is just a regular button instead of a toggle button, which we didn’t have. Oh, I also hand sewed the holes for the buckle instead of using grommets. The last time I used grommets in sewing, they all ripped out fairly quickly… The only other thing I did to “change” the pattern was to add piping around the edge of the flap; that gave it a nice clean look, I think. All in all I’m very pleased with the pattern, but since it took me longer than I expected to make it, I don’t know that I’ll do it again. We’ll see though; it’s a good way to use up scrap fabric!

Today, we’re cleaning the house, and fixing food for tomorrow. Monday, I’m going to jump back into studying. It’s been over 2 weeks now since I’ve studied for anything! Time sure has flown!