THIS article was a good reminder for me.

While I’m once again linking to YLCF, I’ll add THIS article. It addresses something I’ve wondered about ever since the thought of courtship entered my family.

On a very different note, I’m currently reading THIS book. With all the trouble I’ve had with my wrists over the past… three (or has it been four?) years now, when my aunt heard about this book she went through all kinds of trouble to get it to me! It’s been a pretty interesting read so far, but it’s kind of got me wishing I knew someone who was a professional RSI therapist who could positively identify whether or not my problems are related to RSI. Like some of the case study patients that are quoted in the book, when I went to the doctor about this, I was told to stop the strenuous, painful stuff (thus, no more mandolin 😦 or milking 😛 ), and to wear a wrist brace. I wore that brace for a long time, but finally stopped when it seemed only to make life without it worse. My wrist got weaker and weaker, so now I only wear it occasionally, and usually only at night to better protect my wrist when it’s in quite a bit of pain. So, while I stopped a couple of the most strenuous activities, I can’t stop life. I’m still going to be slinging cast iron skillets, reading books at odd angles (it happens when you read in bed, you know.), and typing. If I have RSI, and it’s like this book suggests, I guess that’s why my pain has persisted. Once I finish the book I’m going to start doing the stretches they describe, so I’ll just have to see if it helps much.