While the scenery is amazing, the wildlife makes the experience for me. We have been very blessed on all our park experiences on this trip. A somewhat comprehensive list of the wildlife I saw while visiting Yellowstone: Buffalo/bison (including “little” young ones!), prairie dogs (at least, that’s what I think they were.), elk (no bucks, but several does, and a few young ones!), ducks, swan (I’m always amazed at how big they are!), geese, a very large heron/crane-type bird (we weren’t close enough for a definite identification.), pelican, mule deer, and innumerable common birds (ravens, robins, etc.). Here’s the best animal pictures from the day:

A herd of buffalo! This was one of the very first things we saw when we entered the park headed for Old Faithful.

See the young’un?

Heron/crane bird. This is zoomed in really far.

Big daddy buffalo right beside the road.

Elk. Notice the dead trees. There was a major fire in Yellowstone in 1988. Some of the places we saw was damaged/destroyed by that fire, but many, many mountainsides were still completely dead! MY theory is that there was some sort of disease. I think this because the mountains ARE still bare. If the trees had been destroyed by fire, even fairly recently, there would be some sort of growth. As it is, there is none, which makes me think “lingering disease.”

Close-up of elk.

Key chain #1, front.

Key chain #1, back.

Key chain #2.

Probably not many more opportunities to get key chains from here on out. I’m going to have to attack the truck stops and get state key chains, I reckon.

Oh, I know I’ve not been doing the Oddest Thing Spotted lately. Trust me, it’s not because I’ve not seen anything odd recently. It’s just because it was taking me too long to write everything up, and if the internet wasn’t great, I figured y’all would rather look at pictures than hear about oddities. Something had to go. 🙂