‘Cause I know y’all are dying to see what I’ve bought recently. 😛

From Big Trees State Park on Thursday last week. I was glad they had a different key chain than I’d seen at Yosemite, and one that seemed to fit the place a little better, even if it didn’t actually say “Big Trees State Park, California.”

Nevada key chain. Not too amazing, but then, neither is the state (in my opinion).

Idaho. I was hoping they’d have something spud-shaped, maybe, or something somewhat more unique to the state. They actually did have a spud-shaped one, but it was cheap plastic, and looked like it might come apart easily. I refuse to pay for cheap plastic key chains except when there is nothing else or from a place like China Town… 😉

On second thought, that may actually be unique to the state; I don’t know what kind of wood that is.