Tuesday morning started… slowly, but beautifully. We travelers packed up our stuff, and Daddy arranged to drop off the rental van. Mr. Olsson took Paige, Claire, Kyle, and myself down the road to an ultimate Frisbee game! From there, I think, he, Daddy, Joe, and Luke dealt with the rental.

Ultimate Frisbee! Awesome game! I don’t think Kyle and I disgraced TN’s Frisbee-playing ability TOO much. 🙂

*Sigh* Typical… Why am I always the one who ends up on the ground?

Break time!


Definitely! 😉

Mr. Olsson and the Greggs! We, unfortunately, didn’t get a picture of all the Olssons before we left. The Greggs generously offered us their 12 passenger van for the rest of the week! Amazing!

Oh, Mr. Gregg is a … candy broker! He gave us a TON of candy as well as his van! We love him. 😉

After picking up the Gregg’s van, we went to the Hector’s up in Mountain Ranch! They prepared a delicious dinner for us, and, after clean up, taught us Empire, another fun, easy game! We shared lots of laughs before we went to bed, somewhat earlier than the night before!