We got up bright and early yesterday. Mama and Daddy had heard that in order to get a good parking spot you had to get there before the crowds. We did. We got there before the park even opened! So, once we got parked we had breakfast. By the time we hiked all the way up to the visitor center (it’s a long way away from parking lot D !), everything was open, and the information desks had fairly long lines. But enough talk. I’ve got 14 or so pictures to do most of the talking for me (and a lot more eloquently).

On the way to the park. Pretty, no?

A bridge on our first easy hike to the base of Lower Yosemite Falls.

Half Dome.

Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls.

Lower Yosemite Falls.

Luke with some sequoias. (HA! I spelled it right this time! Thank you fast internet, and Google!)

Luke, engrossed with the ranger program he attended to get his badge, patch, and certificate.

Grammy and Claire at Mirror Lake, the last hike we took.

The view from where we dined on our way back to the campground. We had BLTs!!!

We had a visitor during our dinner.

And a few more after dinner as we continued on our way.

This one made my day! I generally come away rather disappointed from places who use their fauna as an advertisement to get folks to visit. In such places I rarely see anything more exciting than a fat squirrel and a bird or two. In Yosemite we saw fat squirrels and birds, but also a bobcat, deer, coyote, and bear!

Key chain! I almost couldn’t decide which key chain to get, but I like the kind with the thing in the middle that spins. This time it was even a spinning sequoia! 😀

All of my key chains for our California Trip 2010. So far… 😉 Not bad, I think, for just a week.

Oddest Thing Spotted: Probably the weirdly painted hippie-like bus we saw as we hiked to the visitor center. Although, these Pacific Dogwoods are pretty strange too… They have 5-6 petals, and the leave are still connected like ours are, but in fours rather than pairs. Still gives me a shock every time I see one! and they’re still blooming!!! Weird, weird, weird.

Daddy didn’t update his Facebook.

News flash: My watch has been found!!! I’m SO glad! I felt absolutely handicapped without it yesterday!